MLB Standings Today

MLB Standings Today


AL East W L Pct GB Home Away Streak
ImageBaltimore 101 61 .623 0.0 49-32 52-29 L-1
ImageTampa Bay 99 63 .611 2.0 53-28 46-35 W-2
ImageToronto 89 73 .549 12.0 43-38 46-35 L-2
ImageNY Yankees 82 80 .506 19.0 42-39 40-41 L-1
ImageBoston 78 84 .481 23.0 39-42 39-42 W-1
AL Central W L Pct GB Home Away Streak
ImageMinnesota 87 75 .537 0.0 47-34 40-41 L-1
ImageDetroit 78 84 .481 9.0 37-44 41-40 W-2
ImageCleveland 76 86 .469 11.0 42-39 34-47 L-2
ImageChi White 61 101 .377 26.0 31-50 30-51 L-3
ImageKansas City 56 106 .346 31.0 33-48 23-58 W-1
AL West W L Pct GB Home Away Streak
ImageHouston 90 72 .556 0.0 39-42 51-30 W-4
ImageTexas 90 72 .556 0.0 50-31 40-41 L-1
ImageSeattle 88 74 .543 2.0 45-36 43-38 W-1
ImageLA Angels 73 89 .451 17.0 38-43 35-46 W-1
ImageOakland 50 112 .309 40.0 26-55 24-57 L-1

MLB Standings Analysis

Welcome to our analysis of the MLB standings today! In this article, we will take a closer look at the current standings in Major League Baseball, examining the performance of teams across different divisions. Whether you're a dedicated baseball fan or just curious about how your favorite team is doing, this analysis will provide you with valuable insights.


Before diving into the details, let's start with a brief overview of the current MLB standings. As of today, the standings are constantly changing as teams battle it out on the field. It's an exciting time for baseball fans!

American League

In the American League, the standings are intense with fierce competition among the teams. The division leaders are showcased below:

  • AL East: [Team A] is currently leading the AL East division with an impressive record.
  • AL Central: [Team B] holds the top spot in the AL Central division, demonstrating their dominance.
  • AL West: [Team C] is leading the AL West division, showcasing their exceptional performance.

These teams have shown great skill and determination on the field, earning their respective positions in the standings.

National League

  • NL East: [Team D] currently leads the NL East division, leaving a mark with their exceptional performances.
  • NL Central: [Team E] holds the top position in the NL Central division, displaying their outstanding abilities.
  • NL West: [Team F] leads the NL West division, making their mark with remarkable wins.

The National League is equally competitive, with teams battling for the top spot in their divisions. Let's take a closer look:

The teams in the National League have shown incredible determination and skill, making the race for the playoffs even more thrilling.

Wildcard Races

Besides the division leaders, the wildcard races are also heating up. The wildcard spots are awarded to the teams with the best records among those that do not win a division. Let's see which teams are currently in the running:

In the American League, the wildcard race is on, with several teams vying for the two available spots. As of now, [Team G] and [Team H] hold the wildcard spots, but there are other teams in contention.

In the National League, the wildcard race is just as intense. [Team I] and [Team J] are currently holding the wildcard spots, but other teams are right on their heels.

It's important to keep an eye on the wildcard races as the season progresses, as they can be a deciding factor for postseason entries.

MLB Standings Leaders

Now that we have explored the current standings, let's take a look at some individual categories and highlights of the MLB standings leaders.

Batting Average Leader

The player with the highest batting average in the MLB today is [Player X] from [Team K]. He has been consistently delivering outstanding performances at the plate, making him a valuable asset to his team.

Home Run Leader

When it comes to hitting home runs, no one has been better than [Player Y] from [Team L]. His power-hitting has been a significant factor in his team's success, and he is currently leading the league in home runs.

ERA Leader

On the pitching side, [Player Z] from [Team M] has been exceptional. He currently holds the best Earned Run Average (ERA) in the league, making him a formidable force on the mound.


The MLB standings today showcase the intense competition and remarkable performances by teams and players. It's an exciting time for baseball fans as the race to the playoffs heats up. Make sure to stay updated with the standings as the season progresses, as the rankings can change in the blink of an eye. Stay tuned for more updates and analysis on the MLB standings!+


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